Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Welcome to my blog! This is my first post and I am looking forward to many more. My intention is to provide information and insights about the field of psychology and counseling, and to create, or expand, dialogue, open minds, compassion, understanding, curiosity, self-awareness......the list goes on! Who knows, maybe some existing paradigms will be challenged...........I know mine will!

Some of my posts will be directly research based, commenting on recent research or established principles in the fields of human behavior. Others posts will be observing the more ambiguous aspects of psychology and the practice of counseling, for example, look for my blog series, "Things My Job Has Taught Me." To learn more about my counseling practice, visit my website at

I would love to share a little bit about what the field of psychology, and the practice of psychotherapy, has discovered, and create a platform for dialogue and exploration. Please join me!

Disclaimer: No matter what I write about, it's not specifically about you. I have literally worked with hundreds of clients and many have similar circumstances or struggles, so there may be a familiar ring to my stories or illustrations. Also, I may take poetic license with stories, weaving in my own experience with those of my colleagues, so each story may be a composite of different people, situations, and outcomes. No matter what I write about, it is not psychological or counseling advice directed at you. Please consult with a professional personally if you are needing psychological, emotional, or relational treatment.